The blow job queen of London

In that case, you would not be the first girl who is getting bored with giving blow jobs. The thing is that guys are so much into blow jobs these days, but when you do them all of the time, it gets kind of boring, and you long to do something different. Of course, when you have some experience like the girls at London escorts, you will know that you don’t have to do a blow job the same way all of the time.


One of the girls I know very well at London escorts of, told me about a very expensive to give a guy a blow job. She is kind of a blow job specialist, and keeps coming up with different ways to deliver the ultimate blow job. Not only that, she has a passion for champagne as well, and loves to drink champagne. But that is not the only thing she does with champagne. She likes to take a swig of champagne, hold it in her mouth and give the guy a blow job. For some reason, it seems to increase the pleasure of the blow job.


Another girl at London escorts, is a bit of food fetish addict. She loves to date gents who are also food addicts, and the way she gives blow jobs all depends on what she has available at the time. Should she happen to have a tub of Ben and Jerry ice cream in the fridge, she gives a blow job with ice cream in her mouth. It tastes great, and at the same time, the coolness of the ice cream reduces sensitivity a little bit as well. In other words, you get a chance to enjoy the blow job for longer.


If food is not your sort of thing, you may want to meet Donna from London escorts. She claims that she gives the best deep throat blow jobs in London. To become an expert at deep throat blows, it is vital that you practice says Donna. Not only that, but to make sure your partner really enjoys his blow job, you need to work on your throat muscles. Clever Donna has come up with a range of exercises which has helped her to really make her the blow job queen of London, if you know what I mean.


Now there is another girl at London escorts, who I think is a little bit on the kinky side. She is really into blow jobs with a difference, but from what I hear, her blow jobs are very popular, and many guys do seem to enjoy them. Perhaps it is because they bring two pleasures together. With her blow jobs, you get a chance to enjoy the blow job, and watch yourself cum as well. A lot of guys do find that exciting. This is what she does: First of all, she gives the guy a blow, and when she feels that he is about to come, she puts his cock in a glass which have been filled with ice. She says that it can seriously intensify a man’s orgasm. Tell me, are you up for a little bit of a blow job with a difference…

Best Reviewed Charlotte Action Escorts

When traveling for business purposes or touring, it is so boring spending your evening alone in the hotel room. Among the best ways to make the best of your evening is to hire a Charlotte Action escort.

Charlotte Action escorts are not all the same. You will have more fun with one escort than the other. This is attributed to by many factors, such as maturity of the escort, commitment, experience, etc. To make sure you hire the best Charlotte Action escort, you should pick out an escort from the best reviewed. Below are the best reviewed Charlotte Action escorts:

Best reviewed Charlotte action escorts.

  1. Bree.
    Bree is among the best reviewed Charlotte action escorts. She is white and age 30 years old. Bree is particularly available to men over 35 years old and ready for incall and outcall. If you want her services, she is available from Monday to Friday, but for holidays or weekends, you have to make a booking. Most amazingly, she is so experienced in what she does, so expect the best.
  2. Sky Kalifa.
    Sky Kalifa is yet another action escort in Charlotte. She is aged 23 years and blonde. She is usually available for outcall and incalls to men only. She is humble, elegant, and most importantly, clean. Kalifa is a lady who loves to entertain and please her clients.
  3. Megan.
    Megan is also well reviewed by clients. She is 21 years old. She is usually ready to meet couples, men, or women. She is also available for incalls and outcalls. She guarantees a 5-star satisfaction to her clients. Megan is very respectful, discreet, sexy, and very beautiful. You receive more than you have paid for by calling Megan.
  4. Carlie.
    Are you looking for an escort that will give you the best company to the movie, dinner or be the best company around the house? Carlie is the girl for you. She is 23 years old with blonde hair if you are into blondes. She is usually open to meet couples or men. Amazingly, she is full of energy and experience; you will, therefore not regret having spent for her company.
  5. Charity.
    Charity is yet another well-reviewed action escort in Charlotte. She is 33 years old, which is a gesture that she has enough experience in pleasuring clients. Charity is also a BBW for those who prefer escorts with some thickness. She is, however, only available for men. If you have a fetish, she is the girl to talk to. She does not care if it is submissive or dominant.

If you are worried that you might spend a lot of cash but not get satisfaction, just hire any among the above best-reviewed escorts in Charlotte.